Since our launch, Money and Me Claims has recovered millions of pounds in compensation for clients who have been mis-sold financial services products. We recovered £12,000,000 in 2017/18 alone and continue in our quest to be ‘the company of choice’ for people when sourcing a reliable, trustworthy organisation to deal with what can be, a complex, sensitive, and often frustrating transaction. We operate on the following basis:

  • We employ friendly staff that do what they say and at the time they promise!
  • All our underwriters have a financial services background and use their knowledge to ensure a complaint is prepared as comprehensively as possible on your behalf.
  • We work to strict legal guidelines and exacting service standards, and to a proven process. Our processes have been proven and refined over the years with the aim of accomplishing  financial justice in the shortest possible timescale.
  • We attend industry events and work with other credible companies to ensure we maintain a thorough and up to date knowledge of the claims sector.
  • We check that an acceptable level of compensation is made to accurately reflect any loss incurred.
  • Our fees are transparent and will never change from those stated in the Terms of Engagement that you will be asked to sign.
  • Our financial interests are completely aligned with yours.
  • We do not make false promises and will set your expectations fairly, including timeframes, for example, it can take  as long as 24 months to complete a claim if we have to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).


The FOS is called upon as an independent adjudicator to resolve disputes between you and your financial advisor. In March 2018 The FOS was subject to an investigation by the Ch4 ‘Dispatches’ program. Click here to understand the main points from this investigation.

If you are considering a claim against your SIPP trustee/administrator, you may wish to read the following article before deciding whether to pursue the claim yourself or appoint the help of a specialist company. Click here for more information.


Hundreds of pension holders across the UK have been scammed of an average of £91,000 per person through unregulated pension transfer activity. Click here to find out more.

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Financial products and the advice that surrounds them are usually a complex area. With one chance to prove to the correct compensation body that you have been mis-advised and one chance to appeal if you are unhappy with their decision, you may wish to consider calling on our comprehensive experience and track record, instead of trying to piece together a compelling claim yourself.

See what our clients say about us – click here.

Claims can sometimes be declined due to ‘time barring’ – if you think you have been mis-sold, please do not hesitate to get in touch, before it is too late.