As the vast majority of us are aware, the financial claims industry is now a major part of our lives, with PPI never far from the news. Sadly, more and more financial products are being closely scrutinised, resulting in previous advice surrounding the sale of many products proving to be more advantageous to the financial institution, rather than that of the customer……….possibly you!

In general, most financial advice has been provided with utmost faith, however over the last decade, numerous interventions by the financial services regulator, have highlighted fundamental shortcomings in product design and how such products have been distributed to the general public. Despite poor advice being all too common, annual management charges continue to be extracted from individual pension and investment funds.

Despite numerous financial bailouts, major financial institutions have often been proven to put the interests of shareholders and key staff before that of their customers. And remarkably, despite being ordered to rectify matters, some have not adhered to their obligations set out by the financial services regulator. As a result, the financial claims industry is not only here to stay, but set to expand, as more and more examples of malpractice are uncovered.

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