Borrow to invest – a high risk repayment strategy

Do you recognise this scenario? If you do, please get in touch.

  1. You attend a sales seminar and/or meeting hosted by a UK or overseas, property/land provider who are trying to attract potential investors.
  2. You show an interest in the investment, however don’t have the cash required to invest.
  3. It is established that you have equity in your residential property.
  4. You are then referred to a Mortgage Broker to raise the money, to invest.
  5. The money is raised, usually on an interest only mortgage to minimise your monthly payments.
  6. You are promised the property/land investment will repay the mortgage (or provide pots of cash).
  7. The property/land investment fails, leaving you with an interest only mortgage without a repayment vehicle (or you simply lose your entire cash investment).


If this happened to you, we could help you claim compensation. We currently have a 90% success rate where our clients were advised to take out an interest only mortgage on their residential property for this purpose.

Please note, if the money is raised on a repayment mortgage and/or on a buy to let property, claims tend to be declined.

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