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Compensation awarded Total awarded £870,280.83 FEES + VAT APPLY TO COMPENSATION Mr G = £27,288.95  |  Mr C = £33,864.83  |  Mrs B = £6,366.79  |  Mr H = £34,761.70  |  Mr C = £808.04  |  Mrs E = £1,988.40  |  Mr D = £7,045.53  |  Mrs T = £70,126.72  |  Mr C = £74,985.74  |  Mrs P = £5,015.32  |  Mr L = £7,810.49  |  Mr T = £85,000.00  |  Mr H = £47,389.54  |  Mrs S = £44,294.62  |  Mr G = £1,220.60  |  Mr S = £25,493.30  |  Mr J = £44,073.94  |  Mr T = £85,000.00  |  Mr S = £85,000.00  |  Mr M = £62,938,95  |  Mrs F = £13,713.13  |  Mr W = £85,000.00  |  Mr H = £21,094.24 last month last month

Why Use Us?

Money and Me Claims has recovered millions of pounds in compensation for clients who have been mis-sold financial services products. We recovered over £14,000,000 in 2019 alone and continue in our quest to be ‘the company of choice’ for people when sourcing a reliable, trustworthy organisation to deal with a frustrating transaction.

We operate on the following basis:

  • We check that an acceptable level of compensation is made to accurately reflect any loss incurred.
  • We employ friendly staff that do what they say they're going to do and at the time they promise!
  • Our financial interests are completely aligned with yours.

Callback Request

Callback Request

One of the UK’s longest serving claims experts for
mis-sold financial products

Money and Me Claims Ltd was formed on 15th June 2009, with the aim of helping people who were concerned they may have been mis-sold financial products, most of which are detailed in the ‘Typical mis-sold products’ section of this website.

Money and Me Claims is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in respect of regulated claims management activities. We can be found on the FCA’s Financial Services Register at https://register.fca.org.uk

Money and Me Claims Ltd is one of the most experienced claims management companies in the UK today, so you can rest assured, that a company with a fine pedigree will be dealing with your claim.

We have a track record of packaging compelling cases, which has resulted in our Clients receiving substantial, often maximum compensation payments.

Our clients have won £95,200, £101,600, £141,950 and many more have also won substantial amounts, you could be next. You could be owed thousands in compensation and we can help you claim it back.

Figures are based on the amount each client received, after payment of our agreed fees.