Since launch, Money and Me Claims has recovered millions of pounds in compensation for clients who have been mis-sold financial services products, including one client who received £141,950 (after paying our agreed fee) for being wrongly advised on their pension planning. Money and Me Claims has also helped other clients get compensation in excess of £100,000 (after paying our agreed fees) for the poor advice they received.

Choose Money & Me Claims If You Have Been Mis-Advised

Pensions, Investments and the advice that surrounds them are usually a complex area. With one chance, and then one appeal (before court action would be required), to prove to the authorities that you have been mis-advised, you may wish to call on our comprehensive experience and track record, instead of trying to piece together a compelling claim yourself.

Experienced Compensation Specialists

Money and Me Claims are one of the longest serving claims management companies specialising in the Pension and Investment sectors. We only work with underwriters who have been fully qualified financial advisers in the past, because they understand the sales process and the regulatory requirements that should have been followed when financial advice was given. They use their knowledge to ensure a complaint is prepared as comprehensive as possible on your behalf.

Underwriters Help Earn Maximum Settlements

Bringing together a wealth of experience and by working with specialist underwriters, we aim to maximise the prospects of receiving an acceptable level of compensation that accurately reflects any loss incurred.

Compensation Paid Direct To You

We never receive compensation on your behalf, so any compensation is paid direct to you. We will then invoice you for our fees, shortly after you receive the compensation.

No Hidden Fees

Our fees are transparent and will never change from those stated in the Terms of Business that you will be asked to sign. We will not charge you if we do not win your case. However please see our terms and conditions to fully understand our charging process, should you decide to cancel your claim before it is settled.

Insured for Professional Indemnity

We have indemnity insurance in place to protect you and will always strive to exceed the requirements set by the claims management regulator, to ensure you have the best experience and outcome possible.

Clear Claims Process

We do not make false promises and will set your expectations at outset, and throughout the process, which includes time frames for your claim, which could take as long as 24 months to complete, if we have to use the service of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

The Financial Ombudsmen

The Financial Ombudsmen is called upon as an independent adjudicator to resolve disputes between you and your Financial/Mortgage Adviser. In March 2018 The Financial Ombudsmen were subject to an investigation by the Ch4 ‘Dispatches’ program. Click here to understand the main points from this investigation.

If you are considering a claim against your SIPP trustee/administrator, you may wish to read the following article before deciding whether to pursue the claim yourself or appoint the help of a specialist company. Click here for more information

Aims of Money & Me Claims

  • To maximise the compensation you may be entitled to, in the quickest time possible.

  • To be the company of choice for financial claims.

  • To exceed your expectations

 Money & Me's Commitments

  • To operate on a ‘no win – no fee’ basis. (Unless agreed with you at outset)

  • To honour our service standards, as set out in our guidelines. (which are available to you)

  • To show complete transparency in all our work and with all parties involved.

  • To manage your expectations

  • To ensure our agents, introducers and staff have the best possible industry knowledge, to maximise the potential rewards to you.

  • We will attend industry events hosted by all the necessary bodies (including the Claims Management Regulator) in order to comply with, and maintain an acceptable knowledge of the claims sector, in order to deliver our aims.

  • Where appropriate, we will raise matters on your behalf, with the relevant regulators.

  • To provide easy to understand and complete claims packs.

  • To provide an Agent to assist you with the completion of the paperwork, if required.

  • To do what we say we will do.